Thursday, 16 February 2012

Well thats the first month of 2012 gone and I must say I'm happy with my progress, another 8lbs down the pan and more miles in the legs (I haven't been out in that frosty weather though) see pic for proof.

I called today to see Richard at his new shop The Green Jersey, he being chairman of Clitheroe Bike Club is a good connection. We spoke about the C2C and I asked if he thought the club members might be up for it.

Well he 'twittered' it and logging on just now I see the hits and views have shot up like a football managers dogs bank account during the transfer window.

So hopefully more victims will fall prey to our challenge and we can benefit from having a club support us.
Its now time to get some serious training in, this will be no mean achievement, but I must state, don't think that a pootle around the park with the kids will get you in shape.

We may have to vet those who propose to ride it, we can't have a man with a van who's sole purpose is to scrape quitters off the road.

I also told Richard about a villa in Croatia that can be made available out of season for use by anyone taking part in the C2C and he seemed very interested.

It is owned by my friend Ivan Pamic who is the guy in 'More about Wilf' He needs to extend his season which runs from May thro Sept and has given me first chance to fill it. I can tell you it would be a fantastic base for cycling of all disciplines, the roads are quiet and recently surfaced and the mtb trails star within a mile of his place. Walking, hiking, sailing and windsurfing are also popular in the area.

It is all 'early stages' for this taking shape but I know it is something that will take off with a bang once a few folks have visited.

Get in touch if you may be interested, will get me and I will answer any questions I can.

So Keep It Lit  and keep spinning them pedals

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