Thursday, 16 February 2012

Well thats the first month of 2012 gone and I must say I'm happy with my progress, another 8lbs down the pan and more miles in the legs (I haven't been out in that frosty weather though) see pic for proof.

I called today to see Richard at his new shop The Green Jersey, he being chairman of Clitheroe Bike Club is a good connection. We spoke about the C2C and I asked if he thought the club members might be up for it.

Well he 'twittered' it and logging on just now I see the hits and views have shot up like a football managers dogs bank account during the transfer window.

So hopefully more victims will fall prey to our challenge and we can benefit from having a club support us.
Its now time to get some serious training in, this will be no mean achievement, but I must state, don't think that a pootle around the park with the kids will get you in shape.

We may have to vet those who propose to ride it, we can't have a man with a van who's sole purpose is to scrape quitters off the road.

I also told Richard about a villa in Croatia that can be made available out of season for use by anyone taking part in the C2C and he seemed very interested.

It is owned by my friend Ivan Pamic who is the guy in 'More about Wilf' He needs to extend his season which runs from May thro Sept and has given me first chance to fill it. I can tell you it would be a fantastic base for cycling of all disciplines, the roads are quiet and recently surfaced and the mtb trails star within a mile of his place. Walking, hiking, sailing and windsurfing are also popular in the area.

It is all 'early stages' for this taking shape but I know it is something that will take off with a bang once a few folks have visited.

Get in touch if you may be interested, will get me and I will answer any questions I can.

So Keep It Lit  and keep spinning them pedals

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I have come into 2012 with a strong desire to be more healthy and reduce my weight to something more acceptable for a man of my age and height. On the 1st of Jan 2012 at the age of 54 and height of 5ft 10in, I weighed in at 16st 7lbs. I have a pretty large frame and have always been able to carry a bit of excess baggage but I think its time to do something about it for my health and energy levels more than anything else. The experts suggest that for a man of my height and age I should be about 13st but I have set myself a target of 14 st thats a planned loss of around 2.5 st  This BLOG is a record of my attempt to achieve this goal and I have made it public to help keep me motivated and on track. If you have any comments, thoughts or ideas and suggestions please feel free to leave me a message.... and if you want to join in and try it yourselves lets use the blog as a central record for all our achievements.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I just got back from my hols and received the 'Air Ambulance Fundraising Pack' in the post. Its all filled in and ready for sending back so it looks like they are confirmed as one of our Charities.
I chose this one for this simple reason

We always need your help – one day you may need ours! 

Get it out to all your buddies and get them supporting us.
Another thing I asked CC about was getting a training programme linked to the blog for us and she says it should be possible. I have been looking at various free online ones and have seen 2 that we could use but if anyone knows of any they have used drop me a message and I'll check it out.

So after the sunny skies of Corfu have tanned my skin I have to travel out to Nakovana next week to give Margaret (mum) her annual pilgrimage. I can't wait, even at the end of Sept it is usually 25deg and a lovely warm sea temp of 20+.
Anyone fancying a step back in time holiday with absolutely no hassle should consider this place, its like the hols I used to have when I was a kid. No arcades, no loud music and no bugger pestering you to buy or try something.
Ivan is my fathers friends son and has set up 2 apartments for use, will take you to his site and I'm sure you will find something of interest on it.
I myself will give a full report on my return when I will start my winter training for next years ride.

Keep em spinning

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Just A Note

Yes we are working our little legs off behind the posts to try and organise the Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge aka Wilfsway C2C.

So for all you eager beavers out there here is a new post, not giving much more away, but giving you something new to look at whilst you wait with bated breath, in anticipation, on tenterhooks for the first rough draft of the ... dum dum dum duuuuum... Route!!

Okay so we can't keep you waiting too long here it is The Route

As TB said in his post we have GONE LARGE so it is going to take a little bit more precise planning than me and TB on his tandem with me shouting from behind are we there yet!

It is now going to be a big event and we want to make sure everything is in place so that everyone can enjoy the day, so please be patient details will be posted as they start to emerge as we get everything coming together.

We will keep you updated as usual folks. On yer bikes in the mean time!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Not just Wilf

Caroline has set this blog up in the memory of my father Wilf, she also gave me editing powers so I can update on how we are doing.

Well first off, CC. A girl I haven't met in person yet has shown to me to have as much determination as my dad ever had and I hope she proves to be just as extraordinary as he was. Just messages have passed between us on FB and I can tell that its there. CC will show us all how to take this challenge and succeed.

So its Sept 1st and we have a possible 55 victims (oops sorry participants) on 'Wilfsway C2C' I don't know the date I threw the gauntlet down to CC but I certainly wasn't expecting this to happen. I thought me and our John and maybe my lads and a few on CC side and that would be it. I messaged CC the other day and told her the figures and she said "Oops, is it getting too big" and I had to ask if we should limit it or 'Go large'. "Go large" she replied instantly, so now we have to organise an event rather than a 'bit of a jaunt' That's my Girl.

We all have plenty of time to train for this and must start slowly and build up, I will ask Dr Dinsdale if he can come up with a beginners training program for us to follow and post it shortly

Keep spinning them pedals and don't push big gears is my advice for now and stay away from the dreaded 'monkey butt' treat your parts nicely and you will get there in the 'end'


Thursday, 7 July 2011


Hey folks welcome to WTAWTAW!! 
Yep it's a mouthful and maybe a little hard to remember, but to make it easier for you, it stands for Where There's A Wilf There's A Way.  Your eyes do not deceive you that does say Wilf!!

This site is in memory of Wilfred Bennett 1927 - 2008. Wilf was an extraordinary man with a strong determination to achieve whatever he set out to do.

So to commemorate Wilf's outlook in life, his son Trevor Bennett decided a challenge was in order, so he threw the gauntlet at Team Chester, and I- who have previously only ridden bikes on leisurely jaunts- accepted. 

The Challenge- a 106 mile cycle ride Coast to Coast starting at Saltburn on the East coast and finishing at Silverdale on the West to be completed in one day!

So for all those intrepid Wilf's out there who are up for a challenge, we plan to do this 1st September 2012. That gives the newbie's to cycling (that would be me) time to train.

Everyone from beginners to professional cyclist are welcome to join us on this challenge, it will require lots of training and not for the faint hearted as it may take up twelve hours and that is why Where there's a Wilf there's a way!

You will have to excuse us, this is a work in progress blog as we start to pull it all together, more information, maps, helpful links etc will appear.