Thursday, 7 July 2011


Hey folks welcome to WTAWTAW!! 
Yep it's a mouthful and maybe a little hard to remember, but to make it easier for you, it stands for Where There's A Wilf There's A Way.  Your eyes do not deceive you that does say Wilf!!

This site is in memory of Wilfred Bennett 1927 - 2008. Wilf was an extraordinary man with a strong determination to achieve whatever he set out to do.

So to commemorate Wilf's outlook in life, his son Trevor Bennett decided a challenge was in order, so he threw the gauntlet at Team Chester, and I- who have previously only ridden bikes on leisurely jaunts- accepted. 

The Challenge- a 106 mile cycle ride Coast to Coast starting at Saltburn on the East coast and finishing at Silverdale on the West to be completed in one day!

So for all those intrepid Wilf's out there who are up for a challenge, we plan to do this 1st September 2012. That gives the newbie's to cycling (that would be me) time to train.

Everyone from beginners to professional cyclist are welcome to join us on this challenge, it will require lots of training and not for the faint hearted as it may take up twelve hours and that is why Where there's a Wilf there's a way!

You will have to excuse us, this is a work in progress blog as we start to pull it all together, more information, maps, helpful links etc will appear.


  1. Haha, glad to see my brothers joined up. little does he know but I just volunteered him to be my partner on the tandem

  2. Now were moving, Jared, Callum and Jodie my kids are up for this, trouble is I have to build them all bikes :0) Happy Days