Monday, 1 August 2011

Not just Wilf

Caroline has set this blog up in the memory of my father Wilf, she also gave me editing powers so I can update on how we are doing.

Well first off, CC. A girl I haven't met in person yet has shown to me to have as much determination as my dad ever had and I hope she proves to be just as extraordinary as he was. Just messages have passed between us on FB and I can tell that its there. CC will show us all how to take this challenge and succeed.

So its Sept 1st and we have a possible 55 victims (oops sorry participants) on 'Wilfsway C2C' I don't know the date I threw the gauntlet down to CC but I certainly wasn't expecting this to happen. I thought me and our John and maybe my lads and a few on CC side and that would be it. I messaged CC the other day and told her the figures and she said "Oops, is it getting too big" and I had to ask if we should limit it or 'Go large'. "Go large" she replied instantly, so now we have to organise an event rather than a 'bit of a jaunt' That's my Girl.

We all have plenty of time to train for this and must start slowly and build up, I will ask Dr Dinsdale if he can come up with a beginners training program for us to follow and post it shortly

Keep spinning them pedals and don't push big gears is my advice for now and stay away from the dreaded 'monkey butt' treat your parts nicely and you will get there in the 'end'


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  1. It was July 7th 2011 that you slapped me with your gauntlet lol ;))