Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I just got back from my hols and received the 'Air Ambulance Fundraising Pack' in the post. Its all filled in and ready for sending back so it looks like they are confirmed as one of our Charities.
I chose this one for this simple reason

We always need your help – one day you may need ours! 

Get it out to all your buddies and get them supporting us.
Another thing I asked CC about was getting a training programme linked to the blog for us and she says it should be possible. I have been looking at various free online ones and have seen 2 that we could use but if anyone knows of any they have used drop me a message and I'll check it out.

So after the sunny skies of Corfu have tanned my skin I have to travel out to Nakovana next week to give Margaret (mum) her annual pilgrimage. I can't wait, even at the end of Sept it is usually 25deg and a lovely warm sea temp of 20+.
Anyone fancying a step back in time holiday with absolutely no hassle should consider this place, its like the hols I used to have when I was a kid. No arcades, no loud music and no bugger pestering you to buy or try something.
Ivan is my fathers friends son and has set up 2 apartments for use, will take you to his site and I'm sure you will find something of interest on it.
I myself will give a full report on my return when I will start my winter training for next years ride.

Keep em spinning

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