Thursday, 11 August 2011

Just A Note

Yes we are working our little legs off behind the posts to try and organise the Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge aka Wilfsway C2C.

So for all you eager beavers out there here is a new post, not giving much more away, but giving you something new to look at whilst you wait with bated breath, in anticipation, on tenterhooks for the first rough draft of the ... dum dum dum duuuuum... Route!!

Okay so we can't keep you waiting too long here it is The Route

As TB said in his post we have GONE LARGE so it is going to take a little bit more precise planning than me and TB on his tandem with me shouting from behind are we there yet!

It is now going to be a big event and we want to make sure everything is in place so that everyone can enjoy the day, so please be patient details will be posted as they start to emerge as we get everything coming together.

We will keep you updated as usual folks. On yer bikes in the mean time!

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